Fashion Cowboy Boots are Styling in 2017 !


So fun to see western boots in style. Nothing is cuter than wearing a pair of cowboy boots with shorts or a jean skirt. I wore this outfit during Wagon Days in Sun Valley Idaho. Every year they have one of the biggest non- motorized parades in the nation. Wagons, horses, and mules.

I found these boots on sale at Sheplers, their Ariat boots which are a top brand of cowboy boots…I never thought I could find for under $100. I got them for $99.00! I was stoked. They were comfortable wore them most of the day with no problem.

Click on the boots above, they will take you to Amazon, to see a wide selection of styles and colors of boots, for anyones taste!


Know Your Cowboy Boot


There are your traditional boots like the ones I am wearing above, where the shaft covers the calf of your leg, made of leather with stitched design. I like the color of these boots because I can wear them with anything. 

Ropers are boots that have been popular for many years. They have a rounded toe, and the shaft of the boot comes only mid calf or ankle height. Ropers come in many colors and designs. The Roper boot idea came from British Military in cool is that? Here are some Roper Boots to checkout for yourself!   

Don’t be miss lead because this boot is popular you will find a lot of boots called Ropers, that are not. Here is how to tell if the boot is a real Roper. First off the boot was made for guys and girls who rope caves in rodeos or on the ranch, because it made this easier for them to get on and off the horse. Roper boot has a shorter heel that is squared like a english riding boot. Roper has the lowest heel of your western boots. The shaft of the boot is low too, just comes several inches above your ankle. The toe of the boot is usually rounded. Some boots lace up also. So there you have it, now you will know a true Roper boot from a western cowboy boot. 🙂

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