Collectable peanuts watches by Timex!


How fun is this..having peanuts watch for adults. These Timex Peanut Watches have been selling like mad! You can get Snoopy, which is my favorite. Charlie Brown, Lucy or Linus. 

The watches come with its easy-to-change, military-inspired nylon NATO strap system. The straps also coordinate with aspects of the featured character’s personal style: Charlie Brown has his yellow and black zig-zag, Linus gets red stripes, Snoopy’s red strap matches his hat, and entrepreneur/dreamer Lucy Van Pelt has romantic puffy clouds to go with her cute blue dress. 

You can see why these Peanut watches are such a hit! There really neat, and are sure to get a lot of compliments. The  INDIGLO dial glow-in-the-dark readability. And while they may look like kids’ watch, they’re pretty Reto Chic! 

If you have one of these Peanut watches…share it and how you like the watch? Which character did you get? Priced at$57.00 they are 5 star Rated! 

Thanks for stopping by! Check out these watches above. 🙂

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