Peanut’s watches by Timex!


How Fun is this…to be able to wear your favorite peanut character again? Timex has come out with adult peanut watches. You can get Snoopy (which is my favorite) Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Linus! Watches that can be worn comfortably every day. Check out Snoopy watch below…


The Peanut watches have been selling like mad. They are just really cute and fun! Check out good old Charlie Brown below…

The peanut watches come in the characters personal style. Charlie Brown has the yellow band with the black zigzag going down the middle. Snoopy has the red band to match his hat. Lucy has the blue band with clouds of a dreamer. And Linus band is red with black stripes. The watch also has the glow in the dark indigo feature…What a great gift this would make!

If you have this watch, share with us how you like it, and which character you got. Leave a comment below. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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