Miss-matched colored shoes?

It was just a matter of time before we would start seeing mixed match shoes! First, it was the solid colored bikini top, with bottom colored design, or visa vera that everyone was wearing…Now its wear a black boot with a brown boot. Not sure if I like this trend or not. I think wearing a light blue sneaker with a white sneaker would be cool and fun! But not sure about wearing two different colored high heels…hmmm! What do you think? Has anyone tried this trend yet?

 I first saw this on the runway, and I was like..What? I knew right away it was something we are going to see more in the fashion magazines!

So how did this mismatched shoe trend get started? Well!  Phoebe Philo decided to send her models down the runway wearing gIt green sandal paired with a yellow sandal of the same shoe! Red boot paired with a white boot, and so on. Here is Youtube video of Paris Fashion week, Celine show. As always these models makes this trend look as normal as ever. Check it out! 

 Also, I read that sports athletes have been wearing mismatched shoes, which should really get this trend going. But if you are brave and like to try out the latest trends before anyone else, this is the one to try! Not very many people know about this yet. 🙂





















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