Here are some Ideas of shoes and watches to pair them with


Hello, Everyone! I thought it would be fun to match up some shoes with a nice watch. For some ideas to try. Pairing shoes and watches are a fun way to put a great out fit together for Fun In The Sun or Out On The Town!

Will start with a high heeled shoe you would wear with a dress for a night out.

5″ heel cocktail platform sandal is a comfortable shoe, just look at the sued like insole…comfy! Pretty much a 5 star rated shoe, that you can dance in. Lets find a great watch to go with it.

Beautiful Rose Gold watch would look stunning matched up with slip-on high heeled shoes and a black dress or jumpsuit!

For everyday casual look, you might be wearing a flat sandal or ballet type shoe. Here are a few Best Sellers!

How cool..are these sandals? Love them!  They are unique braided rope sandal, and they are rated 5 stars! The sandal are great for summer, comes in 5 different colors.

This would be a good watch to pair them with. I think this watch is perfect!

  This watch has a 4 star rating and is also unique in style. I think it also looks a bit more exspensive then what it sells for. 

Now for a ballet or slip on shoe for everyday. Here are some choices.

 Really like these in yellow, the moccasine style shoe looks very comfortable and comes in 4 different colors, and rated 5 stars! 🙂 The price is fantastic! $11.00 to $17.00.


This nice plain ballet slip on shoe comes in 9 different colors. great price and 5 star rated! So if you wanted more then one color you could afford to buy a few.

How about a sporty shoe to wear to the gym or casual bike ride. You might like this combo for a sporty look.

New style of shoe from New Balance has a high rating, comes in 4 different colors..Check them out. Here is a watch I would wear with them.

Checkout the other colors – white, pink, purple, and grey. Watch is water resistant for caual swimming. Has 5 star rating!

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