Rose gold high heels!  You have to get one or two of rose gold shoes!

I Love the new Rose Gold color that is in style right now. Seems to make every shoe look that much better. It does not matter if it is a tennis shoe or an elegant high heel shoe!

I have seen some great looking rose gold shoes on Ebay! Prices are not too high either. Check out these”Rose gold colored women’s mule slide heels”


Ok, let’s say you find a great pair of rose-gold colored shoes. What spring colored outfit should you wear with them? What I am seeing just about any color will go with your rose gold shoes. A white outfit looks fantastic with rose gold shoes! And of course, black looks great, as does denim jeans! I could see some light spring colors looking super good also. Like Mint color dress or pants would look super. Light greenish blue, like a turquoise color super cute. 

If you wanted to wear let’s say jeans, a white button-up shirt, with a turquoise scarf, gold watch. That would be a great outfit to wear with rose gold heels! 

I really think that rose gold would look better with the girl wearing jeans and white shirt. What do you think?

This girl is wearing Rose gold heels which look good with red. I think they would look better with blue jeans myself.


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