Blanket scarves are right up my alley. Because anyone who knows me knows I always wear layers of clothes to keep warm. At my house watching T.V. love to snuggle up with a blanket. So when I saw these cool plaid blanket scarves…Perfect! I can now go downtown wrapped in a blanket scarf to keep me warm, and at the same time, look stylish…Yea!! Just check out these plaid scarves at ILYMIX. They have a lot already sold out. I can see why very cool looking!

Shoe Tart Style is about the trends that look good and feel good whether it is a shoe, scarf or watch. Even though you think of a blanket scarf as something you wear, maybe more in the chiller weather you can wear the blanket scarves during spring months also. I found some great blanket scarves on Etsy! I would say the 55″ by 55″ inch are a great size for spring because you can wrap the scarf around your neck. Looks bold and not too bulky.

Check out the pictures below for ideas:


Really like the blue color in this plaid blanket scarf!


The different colored browns,,tans and dark stripes go with any outfit. Look great with her hair.






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