Make a WISH…For Stylish Boots and plaid scarf that go great together!


Even though I am not a fan of cold weather, I do Love the fashion of wearing cool looking boots and a cozy plaid scarf that just makes your whole look..POP! So let’s take a look and find some great boots and plaid scarf combos, that look great together. Maybe find some boots that are priced just right. We all know how expensive boots can get.

I will also find some higher end boots in case you are in the market for something just little more Wow!  

Let’s start with the cool looking ankle boot, that is little more on the rugged side, and find a great plaid scarf to go with it.

 Over 3,000 revews and 52% 5 star rated! That pretty darn good!

This scarf would go great with the any 3 colors of the rugged ankle boots above. And the scarf is only $8.00!

Here’s more of city girls ankle boot, and plaid scarf combo that would work great together.


This boot will get you a lot of compilments..just how it has the other customers!

For the summer whisper boots above, I recommend a little softer color, fancier type of scarf. This one comes in 36 different variaties..which is pretty cool! Check it out and see what you think.

Will be back with more…boot and scarf combos..have to go for now.

Ok…I’m back..sorry it has taken me a few days to get back here to finish the blog.  Let’s get some more combos for you to pick from. How about some nice knee-high boots? 


DREAM PAIRS LEGGY with a hidden wedge heel. A Very Cool boot that you can be comfortable and look great, not too fancy, with faux fur lining inside to keep you warm. Also, these fit comfortably for ladies that have bigger calfs, the boot has side half zipper for easy on and off. Price is great! $35. Come in 6 nice colors to choose from. Click on the link above check them out! 🙂      

There are a couple of scarves I would recommend to wear with the Dream Pairs Leggy boot. Scarfand’s Plaid in Infinity Plaid Navy color. Lots of colors to choose from and over 500 reviews…Rated 5 stars! You can go wrong… 

The next scarf is the Lucky Leaf Women Girls Cozy Warm Thick Tartan Check Pattern Circle Loop Scarves, again lots of color choices, I really like the black and white plaid to wear with back or grey colored boots.

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