Fall is coming and it is all about RED! Red is In and it is Powerful! 2017 you are going to see all red outfits, some with red colored shoes or boots some black. Long red coats are Hot! 

Fur vintage coats are in also, which always look good with a knee-high boot. 

The must have this fall season is a pair of sparkling, shimmering white or silver shoes or boots. These boots will make you look and feel like a star!


Western styles are coming back. Calvin Klein has a great line to choose from. You will see western wear being worn with boots and high heeled sandals.                                  

Women will be wearing over sized blazers, that will look like mens wear, mostly worn with boots.

Fishnet tight will be popular also. Fishnets look great with boots.

Floral prints are not one of my favorites, they have been in for awhile and will still be popular this fall, from casual tops to beautiful gowns. A good shoe to wear with floral prints is a nude or tan colored shoe, which also gives the illusion of long legs! 🙂 Another idea is to pick a color in your print that pops and find a wedge heel, boot, or high heeled pump of that color. A black shoe will take your floral outfit from spring to fall. 


5 Star rated and 8 colors to pick from!

The mid-length skirt that are flowing, with a ballerina style to the top. Depending on the color, the skirt would look great with boots, but more heeled sandal will be what you will wear with this.

Brown…Is the other color you will seeThe mid-length fall season. Coats and dresses will be worn with a wide belt. I love this look! I guess because it makes your waist smaller. 

Beautiful long velvet dresses are going to be in. Yellow, blues, and reds will be popular! Very elegant! This strappy blue sandal would look good with a blue dress. Like what Stella Maxwell wore. They come in 11 different colors. Rated 5 stars!


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