Sun Valley in September is beautiful!

This September took a mini vacation to wonderful Sun Valley! The one thing I love to do there is to check out all the little shops. Especially the consignment stores! They have so many great ones, with so many name brand items. I always find something, that I absolutely love!

First consignment store I always go to is in THE DOLLHOUSE in Hailey, ID . The owner is awesome! She is so nice, fun and super cool! Here is a pair of really pretty stilettoes, that are such pretty colors that seem to go together so well. The DollHouse even ships! Here is her web site:




Next on the list is in Ketchum, Idaho we have some very good consignment stores to check out! 

Starting with Consign Design 333 1st ave, N. Ketchum they have designer apparel and accessories! Lots of fun items to look at, try on. 

Gold Mine Consign – I have found some great designer finds here. Clothes, watches, and shoes. This last year I bought a pair of really cool looking Oxford heeled shoes! There a metallic reddish/brown. Gold Mine Consign is located at  591 4th st. east, Ketchum, Idaho.


Gold Mind Thrift Store Is always fun! Little harder to find real nice things, but still very much worth a stop. They sell everything from clothes, and accessories to golf clubs, book, dishes, and furniture! Located 331 Walnut Ave, Ketchem, ID.

Worth Repeating – This store is probably my favorite store! She is always super nice, has items on sale. But everything is priced very reasonably. Like the shoe’s below brand name Schuz…made of fine wood type material, with detailed carvings. Like nothing, I have ever seen. 



Worth Repeating also has great furniture items, pictures, dishes, and more! Super fun and neat store to find treasures of every sort! They are located at – 471 N. Leadville Ave, Ketchum, ID 83340

Barken Basement – Is a great little second-hand store! Why? Because all their proceeds go to help the Wood River animal shelter! That is AWESOME! They will usually have a few animals up for adoption in the store when you go in. The store is full of all kinds of items, clothes, shoes, jewelry, books, dishes. Just about anything you can think of. Here is the web site – Check them out! They are off Main Street in downtown Hailey, Idaho.

This next store I am going to tell you about is by no means a discount or thrift store. The Store is Deja Vu! Only word to describe Deja Vu..IS FABULOUS! If you are looking for Channel, Gucci, or any top designer brands, your chances of finding them here are very good! We’re not talking new…talking vintage or lightly used at fraction of the price! The owner Suzy does carry few new items. If you are looking for a pair of cowboy boots..Wow! She has big selection in all colors, and they are fancy! Deja Vu is located at 511 Leadville Ave, Ketchum, Idaho. I did not get any pictures because when I went she was closed. I think gone to an Estate Sale.

Even though I can not afford to buy anything in the retail stores. I do love to look! Went to the shops in the village by the lodge. Really nice shops like Brass Ranch Village! Where you will find trendy and classic apparel for men and women. Fun to go in and browse around looking at the high-End fashions they have in this nice store.

Sun Valley Signature Gift Shop is a favorite. Really nice gifts from clothing, jewelry, books, kids toy, and more….Items are more affordable but still high quality.

Next stop Panache! They had a race horse scarf, that I just loved! $500….Ugh Yea!  I did get a few pictures of some awesome Italian high heels Brunello Cucinelli! Leather suede strappy heel. Don’t remember the exact cost..aound $600. Few other brands they carry are  Diane von F├╝rstenberg, Velvet, Juicy, Joie, TSE, Goldsign and more.


Here are some scarves that they had on hand, that were very nice. Light and colorful would go good with a spring, summer outfit for just a bit of class by Carlo Scanagatta! Pretty Impressive for store in Idaho! If you don’t know about Carlo Scanagatta, his is an Italian craftsman! A master of layering colors. He first would print his design’s on photographic paper or canvas, then when pleased with his work, he would put the art on fine fabric. Each Scanagatta scarves are dated limited – edition, collectible design, that carries the artist’s signature in one corner of the design. Wow! That is Impressive, to say the least.