Who says women can’t wear a Mans Watch! Best selling Men’s Watches!


   Was really impressed with this watch! The look has a quality look. Reviews are high.  5 star rated! The face is big and bold, so be sure that you want a bulk of a watch. $29.99 great price! Click on the picture to check it out.

The style is big and bold faced watches. You can really find some great deals and cool styles in Men’s Watches. I wanted to share the Best Sellers in Men’s watches, that would look great on women. Expensive without all the diamonds and fluff. And because these watches are made for men, they just might be made more durable also. Let’s check out some more styles!

 This Fossil watch, is very nice! Show’s good quality in craftsmanship. The watch is Rated 5 stars! Good price at $68.98

Below..Loved the blue face Fossil watch, Rated 5 stars for just $98.20!

Next is a watch that is not my style, but is a Best Seller with over 2,600 Reviews..5star rating! Only $11.27! That’s impressive little Casio watch!

Another Casio watch that has more then 3,000 reviews, and is rated 5 stars is the Mens Analog dive watch for only $15.56! I like the style of this one better…check it out below:

Stuhrling original is another great looking mens watch, that would look fantastic on a women! Rated 5 stars! Love the silver with a blue face. It also glows in the dark…I really think this is a pretty watch for a man or women! Click on the picture check it out. $69.99 Save 88% on this watch!




Check out the list of quality women’s watches for under $100


Here is a list of quality watches you can get for under $100! I feel watches are such a statement piece. A great watch can give your outfit that added touch, that will raise it to a little higher level.

                   A Touch of Class!


1. Bulova Silver Dial Watch: Bulova are quality watches, that are usually over $100, so when you can get a Bulova watch on sale, you want to jump on it! There the kind of watches you keep for years. Here is one on eBay for $79.99  

2. Nixon Time Teller Watch (Gold): This is a man’s watch, but as I mentioned in a previous post-Big Bold Watches, are the way to go. This watch is scratch resistant material. Goes with every outfit and looks great. Sell’s for around $95.00

3. Estelle Classic: This watch comes in a Rose Gold! Tastefully simple. Sells for around $90.

4. Kate Spade New York Gramercy Watch: Really elegant and refined looking watch

Or Kate Spade Crosstown Gold Watch:  Is a real beauty! 

Kate Spade New York Crosstown Ladies KSW1148
  • Current Price: $88.33
  • Ends: Mar 14, 2020 17:31:40 MDT
  • Current Price: $134.99
  • Ends: Mar 17, 2020 16:31:10 MDT

5. La Mer leather wrap watch – This watch comes in a great orange color that looks great for spring and summer! 

6. Fossil “Georgia” round leather strap watch: Fossil is a very well know brand and one of my favorites. They just have a cool design and quality workmanship to them. 

Sorry my eBay searches are not coming in right. If you click on my link to go to eBay and search for the watches I have on my list, I will still get credit for that.

Thank You!

I have been reading Fredrick Eklund’s book The Sell! I say I have to agree that one of the most important items a successful women or man can own is a nice watch. He says a watch is like a billboard. It is something everyone looks at and appraises. It does not have to be $10,000 or more type of watch, but it should be a nice watch that you can wear with pride! One that fits you! 

Fredrick loves a woman that wears a big bold watch! She says I’m a woman in a mans world, and I rule it! So back off!  

Yes! Bold watches give us a sense of power. I just love all the different styles to choose from. It’s much easier than ever to find a nice watch at a discounted price. I will be sharing later some great places to find watches, that you will just love!

Timex Originals Quartz Movement Beige Dial Ladies Watch T2P237NI
  • Current Price: $34.99
  • Ends: Feb 24, 2020 10:38:41 MST