Rose gold high heels!  You have to get one or two of rose gold shoes!

I Love the new Rose Gold color that is in style right now. Seems to make every shoe look that much better. It does not matter if it is a tennis shoe or an elegant high heel shoe!

I have seen some great looking rose gold shoes on Ebay! Prices are not too high either. Check out these”Rose gold colored women’s mule slide heels”

Trotters Women's Mary Loafer
  • Current Price: $82.46
  • Ends: Feb 28, 2020 11:08:54 MST


Ok, let’s say you find a great pair of rose-gold colored shoes. What spring colored outfit should you wear with them? What I am seeing just about any color will go with your rose gold shoes. A white outfit looks fantastic with rose gold shoes! And of course, black looks great, as does denim jeans! I could see some light spring colors looking super good also. Like Mint color dress or pants would look super. Light greenish blue, like a turquoise color super cute. 

If you wanted to wear let’s say jeans, a white button-up shirt, with a turquoise scarf, gold watch. That would be a great outfit to wear with rose gold heels! 

I really think that rose gold would look better with the girl wearing jeans and white shirt. What do you think?

This girl is wearing Rose gold heels which look good with red. I think they would look better with blue jeans myself.


Miss-matched colored shoes?

It was just a matter of time before we would start seeing mixed match shoes! First, it was the solid colored bikini top, with bottom colored design, or visa vera that everyone was wearing…Now its wear a black boot with a brown boot. Not sure if I like this trend or not. I think wearing a light blue sneaker with a white sneaker would be cool and fun! But not sure about wearing two different colored high heels…hmmm! What do you think? Has anyone tried this trend yet?

 I first saw this on the runway, and I was like..What? I knew right away it was something we are going to see more in the fashion magazines!

So how did this mismatched shoe trend get started? Well!  Phoebe Philo decided to send her models down the runway wearing gIt green sandal paired with a yellow sandal of the same shoe! Red boot paired with a white boot, and so on. Here is Youtube video of Paris Fashion week, Celine show. As always these models makes this trend look as normal as ever. Check it out! 

 Also, I read that sports athletes have been wearing mismatched shoes, which should really get this trend going. But if you are brave and like to try out the latest trends before anyone else, this is the one to try! Not very many people know about this yet. 🙂






















What Fashionable Shoes should every woman own?

Just like the classic little black dress that we are told is a must have in every women’s wardrobe, so are certain shoes. Here is a list of the top 12 you should have. Now some of these shoes can be a combination of two styles if you just don’t have the budget to have every one of the 12. sure would be fun to try! So! Without further ado!

1. Black Pumps – Classic as the little black dress, that is why these shoes are first on the list.  Around 1960’s is when the heel was lowered to what we see most women wear today. The Stiletto’s of the 1950’s were beautiful, but not comfortable for a long day at the office. 


Black shiny heel women’s pump shoe 

 2. Pointed Pumps for instant sophistication are your go to heels. Pointed pumps look great with jeans. You can get them in leather or suede. Stylist and shoe fanatic Stacy London says there’s no better place to start then a Pointed pump. Don’t let the extra point of the shoe fool you. The width of the shoe at the widest part remains the same as a shoe without the pointed toe. 



 3. Ankle – Strap Sandals for a longer leg! Who does not want a longer leg? Long legs look beautiful. The little strap around the ankle can give a little more support and add a touch of sexy! You can get this shoe with a lower heel for more comfort and less sex appeal. Whatever your style this shoe, would be one you would want to wear. If you do want a fuller looking leg, then go with a wider ankle strap, and smaller strap for a thinner looking leg. The pink suede ankle strap shoe below has the lower heel. If you want long legs for miles look, go for a 4 to 5-inch heel. Like the shoe at the right…Which I love!









4. Sleek Ankle Boot will add a bit of edge to any outfit. Wear these with jeans or a dress for cool sleek look. I love the rich leather look. These boots can be pretty comfortable.


5. Luxe Loafers is a high-end run around shoe.  A men-inspired shoe that replaced the ballet flat. Smart and business like shoe.


6. Ballet Flats sometimes called Dolly shoe are derived from the famous ballet shoe. The shoe can have a small heel or nothing at all. Get the right flats and your feet will be happy all day. 🙂


7. Animal print Heels…Love these shoes! There fun, sheek, and sexy! They love amazing with jeans, skirt, or dress. The Animal print heels come in everything from  Leopard, Zebra, Snakeskin, Giraffe, Cheetah, and more. So whatever your taste you can find a print that will add a bit of pizzaz to your outfit.   


  Beautiful female legs in strappy high heels 


 8. Metallic High Heels another favorite. Just Love these Metallic colored shoes! Rich looking and fun to wear. The most popular colors are silver, gold, and rose gold, which is very Hot right now! Great shoe for the evening out. 


Stylish, elegant woman metallic color shoes sandals


9. Short Staked Heels are great for daytime when you need to look nice but don’t want to be to dressed up. They have a wider heel that is usually more comfortable than the thinner heeled shoes.  The term stacked heel refers to the heel layered construction. Has the look of stacked wood. Also are called boxed heels.



10. Casual Sneakers one of the most comfortable shoes of all. We all love to run around in our comfy sneakers. The perfect weekend shoe you can wear with jeans, shorts, skirt or even a dress. Until now wearing sneakers with a dress was a No..No! You see more girls wearing sneakers with a dress in the urban jungle. Make a fashion statment with these cool designed shoes.


Pair of blue sneakers with laces isolated on white


11. Flat Sandals are a must have summer shoe, to wear with that perfect floral dress that you love to wear. Flat sandals can be comfortable and stylish. So many designs, colors and, material to choose from, you will never get bored with this cool shoe!


Elegant of Woman’s Sandals Shoes with Feather top



12. Last on our list is a fall/winter favorite, the Tall Flat Boot! I love the Equestrian look of boots that are in style now. Fine leather boot are very classic. These boots look great with a blazer or little jacket. 

Please leave a comment below. What is your favorite shoes? Must Haves?

 Horsewoman wearing her boots .
Elegant female knee high boot