Make a WISH…For Stylish Boots and plaid scarf that go great together!


Even though I am not a fan of cold weather, I do Love the fashion of wearing cool looking boots and a cozy plaid scarf that just makes your whole look..POP! So let’s take a look and find some great boots and plaid scarf combos, that look great together. Maybe find some boots that are priced just right. We all know how expensive boots can get.

I will also find some higher end boots in case you are in the market for something just little more Wow!  

Let’s start with the cool looking ankle boot, that is little more on the rugged side, and find a great plaid scarf to go with it.

 Over 3,000 revews and 52% 5 star rated! That pretty darn good!

This scarf would go great with the any 3 colors of the rugged ankle boots above. And the scarf is only $8.00!

Here’s more of city girls ankle boot, and plaid scarf combo that would work great together.


This boot will get you a lot of compilments..just how it has the other customers!

For the summer whisper boots above, I recommend a little softer color, fancier type of scarf. This one comes in 36 different variaties..which is pretty cool! Check it out and see what you think.

Will be back with more…boot and scarf combos..have to go for now.

Ok…I’m back..sorry it has taken me a few days to get back here to finish the blog.  Let’s get some more combos for you to pick from. How about some nice knee-high boots? 


DREAM PAIRS LEGGY with a hidden wedge heel. A Very Cool boot that you can be comfortable and look great, not too fancy, with faux fur lining inside to keep you warm. Also, these fit comfortably for ladies that have bigger calfs, the boot has side half zipper for easy on and off. Price is great! $35. Come in 6 nice colors to choose from. Click on the link above check them out! 🙂      

There are a couple of scarves I would recommend to wear with the Dream Pairs Leggy boot. Scarfand’s Plaid in Infinity Plaid Navy color. Lots of colors to choose from and over 500 reviews…Rated 5 stars! You can go wrong… 

The next scarf is the Lucky Leaf Women Girls Cozy Warm Thick Tartan Check Pattern Circle Loop Scarves, again lots of color choices, I really like the black and white plaid to wear with back or grey colored boots.

Look like a Bad ASS! Wear a scarf around your waist or head!

Wearing a beautiful scarf at the beach is just cool! Yea! It helps to have a Rocking body like the girl above! But you can still look like the coolest girls on the beach if you know how to use a scarf.

If you have a solid colored suit, like black, brown, blue and so on. Wearing a muilti  colored scarf like the one above looks great! If your suit is pretty colorful with 3 or more different colors, then a solid scarf wrap would look best.

Here are a few more ideas on how to wear scarf wrap: You can use a smaller scarf to wrap around your head if you don’t want such a long tail. I just love how this looks!


Another great way to wear a scarf wrap is to wrap and tie it as a long top like the picture below.


Wearing the scarf around your neck in a double knot I thought looked great! Of course might be too hot if it is a warmer day.


Here is a great video on 5 different ways you can wear a scarf wrap! On the beach or after, Great to wear to a beach party! Please comment below on any ideas you have or what you like! Thanks!

How Many Type’s Of Scarves are There?  


There are a few different scarves to pick from. I thought it would be a good idea to have a list, so when you are shopping for scarves you will be able to find just what you are looking for. There are 6 shapes and styles of scarves that I have found..called:                

1. Rectangular shaped scarf- Is one of the most popular. It is easy to wear, just wrap around your neck. These scarfs can be knitted, to light weight silk type. These oblong scarves are fun to try different ways to wear them. Knotting them for a cool look.

2. Square Scarves- I really love these scarves on warmer days. They are a light silkier fabric’s that have super cool designs. Very Classy! The square scarves are not as easy to wear, but I will be sharing some videos on how to style these cool scarves! 

3. The Infinity Scarf – Are generally a heavier type scarf worn with jacket or coat. You can also find them in lighter silk types materials also. The Infinity scarf looks like a large loop, that you double around your neck. You can take a rectangular scarf and tie the ends together and make it into an infinity scarf !         







   4. Wrap or Shawl Scarf – Are also known as a Pashminas. Are rectangular in shape, are little heavier material that is usually worn with outerwear, or formally out on the town with a coat. I have seen a lot more wraps coming out like the ones below, that would be great to wear anytime! Even wearing the wrap scarf as a head piece. Which looks really cool! When wearing as a shawl, this can be done by draping over one or both shoulders.                   




5. Scarves with a Fringed edge – I’m going to guess they are called Fringed Scarves. They can be found on square, wrapped, or rectangular shaped scarves. The extra long fringe is very cool looking. Wear with a white T-Shirt, jeans, and jacket! Some of the sca a a ves even have beads added to the fringe, for a added touch!

Silk scarf. Pink Fringed

 6. The Blanket Scarf – This great looking scarf started making a come back in 2014. Is much bigger than the wrap or shawl, and is worn as a casual look. Great for cooler weathered days. There are many ways to wear the blanket scarf. I will be sharing that is my blog posts. Hope you have enjoyed this article about how many scarves there are out there. How the can add to any outfit.

Great colored blanket scarf


This nice square scarf comes in 20 different colors and designs. Great for spring!

Click on the scarf to see all the colors and styles for only $7.99! Please leave a comment below..Thank You!


Blanket scarves are right up my alley. Because anyone who knows me knows I always wear layers of clothes to keep warm. At my house watching T.V. love to snuggle up with a blanket. So when I saw these cool plaid blanket scarves…Perfect! I can now go downtown wrapped in a blanket scarf to keep me warm, and at the same time, look stylish…Yea!! Just check out these plaid scarves at ILYMIX. They have a lot already sold out. I can see why very cool looking!

Shoe Tart Style is about the trends that look good and feel good whether it is a shoe, scarf or watch. Even though you think of a blanket scarf as something you wear, maybe more in the chiller weather you can wear the blanket scarves during spring months also. I found some great blanket scarves on Etsy! I would say the 55″ by 55″ inch are a great size for spring because you can wrap the scarf around your neck. Looks bold and not too bulky.

Check out the pictures below for ideas:


Really like the blue color in this plaid blanket scarf!


The different colored browns,,tans and dark stripes go with any outfit. Look great with her hair.






I have wondered about this myself. About how to use the word scarf or scarves. Does one mean a type of scarf? Or do you say scarves when you’re talking about more than one piece, and scarf when you are just talking about one. 

I guess neither are right. The original and most used was scarfs before the 20th century. After that, it lost popularity and people started using the word scarves. One reason could be because the word scarfs can be used to say ” he scarfs his food down”. 

So when talking about the pretty material we use to add a bit of class, flair to an outfit we would use the most popular word Scarves.