Look like a Bad ASS! Wear a scarf around your waist or head!

Wearing a beautiful scarf at the beach is just cool! Yea! It helps to have a Rocking body like the girl above! But you can still look like the coolest girls on the beach if you know how to use a scarf.

If you have a solid colored suit, like black, brown, blue and so on. Wearing a muilti  colored scarf like the one above looks great! If your suit is pretty colorful with 3 or more different colors, then a solid scarf wrap would look best.

Here are a few more ideas on how to wear scarf wrap: You can use a smaller scarf to wrap around your head if you don’t want such a long tail. I just love how this looks!


Another great way to wear a scarf wrap is to wrap and tie it as a long top like the picture below.


Wearing the scarf around your neck in a double knot I thought looked great! Of course might be too hot if it is a warmer day.


Here is a great video on 5 different ways you can wear a scarf wrap! On the beach or after, Great to wear to a beach party! Please comment below on any ideas you have or what you like! Thanks!

Comfortable shoes are a must for your trip to Paris.


 I wanted to share with you what shoes would work well, be comfortable and stylish while on your trip in Paris Because you don’t want to go to Paris and not look like you know what the fashion is..right?

Also wanted to recommend few nice scarves and one or two watches, that will just make you fill as you were a regular visitor to Paris! 

The first shoe I would recommend for sightseeing, exploring the city of lights is a casual shoe Propet Travel Walker. Have you ever heard of this brand of shoes? I had not either. They were made for walking all day and night! Of course, you would not want to be caught dead in a pair of sneaker at night in Paris. During the day, if you are going to be walking a lot, you will surely be glad you are wearing these comfy shoes! This shoe comes in few different styles and colors. click the picture below to see.


If you just can’t bear the idea of wearing sneakers in Paris, what would be a more stylish shoe that would still be comfortable? Well! I would have to say…..Cole Haan Air ballet flats!! 

Oh..Yea! Cole Haan and Nike teamed up to design a nice looking ballet flat with Nike technology. How great is that? I want to get a pair to try. Wearing a stylish Cole Haan shoe, that feels like a running shoe..wow! From the reviews, these shoes seem to run a bit small, so keep that in mind. Click the picture below to check these nice shoes.

Another shoe that I found, looks very comfortable, and classy, but also a little quirky is the Fly London wedge heel shoe. Just little more dressy, and these white ones are really cute! They seem to have good traction on the sole, which is important when walking on all the different types of surfaces in Paris that can sometimes be wet.

Now..what is in style? Ballet flats of course. What else, bring on the bold colors. Shoes with block heels and big bold stripes. And who can resist a pointy toe kitten heel?

                                            Scarves are always in style in Paris!

This year’s Paris fashion show was going back to the dreaded 80’s! Yes, padded shoulders and all. But what I wanted to share with you is what colored scarfs would be good to have. The colors that are being rocked there are Megenta a blushed pink, yellow, and polka dot’s are still in. Depending on your outfit pick a color that will add a pop of color. Or you can always go with a classic black or white scarf. If you want to spend some bucks on a classic scarf then I would get one here https://annetouraine.com/. If you want a really nice scarf, without paying a huge price then check out ‪#‎fireauntstudios‬ there handmade and really nice!


A beautiful watch can just add that extra flair to your whole being. I just love watches here are some ideas on some styles that would be great to wear, while you’re seeing the sights of Paris! In fact, by some Paris is called the capital of watch fashion. This is because Breguet a master watchmaker started working for Versailles at the young age of 15 years old! Breguet’s design, craftsmanship, and concepts have become the DNA of high-quality timepieces of today!

Only 2 left!    



On stimepieces comes in Brown or Black leather band!