Look like a Bad ASS! Wear a scarf around your waist or head!

Wearing a beautiful scarf at the beach is just cool! Yea! It helps to have a Rocking body like the girl above! But you can still look like the coolest girls on the beach if you know how to use a scarf.

If you have a solid colored suit, like black, brown, blue and so on. Wearing a muilti  colored scarf like the one above looks great! If your suit is pretty colorful with 3 or more different colors, then a solid scarf wrap would look best.

Here are a few more ideas on how to wear scarf wrap: You can use a smaller scarf to wrap around your head if you don’t want such a long tail. I just love how this looks!


Another great way to wear a scarf wrap is to wrap and tie it as a long top like the picture below.


Wearing the scarf around your neck in a double knot I thought looked great! Of course might be too hot if it is a warmer day.


Here is a great video on 5 different ways you can wear a scarf wrap! On the beach or after, Great to wear to a beach party! Please comment below on any ideas you have or what you like! Thanks!

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